Is trump good for Afghanistan or bad?

My answer to Is trump good for Afghanistan or bad?

Answer by Desmond Last:

For the answer all you have to do is see what the ‘Trump Team’ have removed from the Issues section of the Whitehouse web site.

America First Foreign Policy

Yesterday the site named the Taliban as being a Terrorist group to destroy.

Today the Taliban are no longer named on the White House web site.

So it would seem that the Trump Team want to negotiate a Peace Deal with the Taliban.

The Trump Team need to learn some lessons fast. The Taliban are not only in Afghanistan but also in Northern Pakistan and have ISIS groups within them. It was not to bright for Trump to describe his phone call to the Indian Prime Minister and leave the Pakistan Prime Minister out.

It is also not a good idea to signal what your intentions are until you have a strategy in place that has the approval of all the Parties involved – particularly the Afghanistan Government.

Trump is right to want to pursue Peace in Afghanistan but it seems Trumps Team need to wise up and learn fast about International Diplomacy. Has Trump got a list of candidates for their jobs because they do not seem up to the job?

So yes Trump could be good for Afghanistan.

Is trump good for Afghanistan or bad?

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