What is the most embarassing thing that happened to you at the doctors?

My answer to What is the most embarassing thing that happened to you at the doctors?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I was suffering from a loss of feeling in my left hand and pains to my eyes, heart and head. At times the pain was very severe.

I had put up with it for some time but eventually decided to visit my local doctor. I explained the pain to him. He asked some questions about my past and I casually mentioned some of the events of my past and that I was a writer who had new ideas for a better World.

He did not seem very concerned with my pain or my very brief description of my writing and the past events of my life.

Therefore I was shocked when I received a letter stating he had referred me for a mental health assessment. I complained and he apologised for not telling me he was making the referral but said I still needed a mental health review.

I attended a meeting with him and two mental health advocates. He said and I quote ‘ that my writing to improve the world was one of his main concerns’ and the fact that I said that the illegal eviction from my home in Sydney by the ANZ was of concern to me.

I was in the embarrassing position of having to justify writing to improve the World.

He did not pursue his referral.

Where anywhere is it considered to be a mental health issue if you write to improve the World? On Quora I use my views and ideas to answer question – as we all do and many people upvote my answers.

One day I will question him in a Court of Law. The U.K is a democracy and workable new ideas for improving the World should never be rejected.

What is the most embarassing thing that happened to you at the doctors?

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