Is Donald Trump a threat to world peace?

My answer to Is Donald Trump a threat to world peace?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Yes he is and no he is not. It will very much depend on Donald Trump making the transition from Business Tycoon to Statesman. Donald Trump will have to be a business man for the people of America and a Statesman for the rest of the World.

Donald Trump will need to initiate reform of the United Nations and we all need to ensure that our Governments do the same.

We cannot have the World Order dictated by the actions of two men – Trump and Putin.

Neither have the authority of 7 billion people to determine our futures.

Urgent action is needed to being the United Nations back to its role as Peace-Maker and not merely to serve the vested self-interests of its Government.

We must begin by each Nation’s people electing delegates who serve the pursuit of Peace not strategic control.

Donald Trump and Putin want Peace – but on their terms. That is not good enough. We all live in the same World.

Should Putin and Trump not get on then the consequences could well be a threat to World Peace.

To avoid that possibility ‘ Emperor's’ Trump and Putin must be part of the World and not see themselves as its rulers.

Is Donald Trump a threat to world peace?

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