What stops people from having the life they want?

My answer to What stops people from having the life they want?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Governments. We are increasingly ruled not governed by Politicians who have no new ideas and no answers to the problems facing the World.

So in order to control the people more and more regulations are introduced and more and more people go to Jail.

We all have to live in a form of Order that allows all the different wants and needs of people to co-exist. But when the needs of the People are not matched by the development of democracy and the upholding and development of human rights than an order is imposed that we do not want.

We have allowed our Governments to take all the Power. But in doing so we have not ensured that they have used the responsibility that goes with our Trust to allow we the People to take more control of our lives.

The Goverment has become a State in itself. It exists for its members and those who take our trust (Power) and then use it against us – Globalisation which is a centralisation of Power through the ownership of our Labour value.

We no longer have a voice and certainly none at the International Level. Governments are at a junction. Develop democracy or impose more control.

Personally I use my ability to write to show people how ineffective our Governments have become.

One day I will use it in a Court of Law in a speech when I take the Australian. U.K. Canadian and U.S. Governments (and others) to court for their abuse of legal and illegal power on me. That is how I regain control of my life – by fighting back.

There is far too much Government and too little self-determination.

You must not be afraid to legally stand up to Government. For by doing so we evolve our democracy and gain control of our lives.

What stops people from having the life they want?

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