What are some policy examples of a ‘one nation conservative’ in the U.K.?

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My answer to What are some policy examples of a 'one nation conservative' in the U.K.?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Having been back in the U.K for four year I have been able to observe this mysterious phenomenon called ‘One Nation Conservatism’ and its policies.

It appears to be only available to Theresa May, David Cameron, the House of Lords and paradoxically to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labor Party. It is not available to the People except as rehashed failed policies under the banner ‘One Nation’.

U.K Politicians inhabit a reality bubble that has somehow allowed them to believe that they can unite the Nation with policies that disunite. Not only that but they use a system of recycling that puts the same ideas forward time and time again covered in mists of spin.

In four years I have not heard one new idea by any member of Government and Opposition in the U.K.

Jeremy Corbyn states ‘ We will put care homes into Public ownership’. This is because they cannot be ran as efficient enterprises so we will now run them as inefficiently as possible using public money which we will have to borrow. Corbyn is a Classic Spin Doctor. He lives in the World of Harold Wilson and Tony Benn. His Unions wait in the wings to plunder a budget which has no money. They too unite in a greedy selfish One Nation strike system designed not for their workers but for an early election.

The Labour Party and the Unions are just as Conservative as Theresa May and her Party.

They will not listen to any new ideas. Their theory of of Socialist Government is more conservative than that of Tony Blair. Labour wants to borrow £500 billion to stimulate the Economy. Who is going to lend them the money – Karl Marx? No it will be a conservative lending system which will then control the economy – just as they do in Greece.

Theresa May is a magician. May only has to say ‘One Nation’ and out of a dwindling hat of Public Money will come new ‘One Nation’ policies. Where are they?

Theresa May states ‘we have no money. This means when you are 70 year old the £800,000 you have paid in tax is not available as it was part of the 9.7 million that went to the Ethiopian Spice Girls.

However May will then state ‘We are the fifth largest economy in the World – Yes we are but for whom? Not for the people of the U.K. No we are the fifth largest for Mercedes, for Fiat, for the immigrants who come here and for the U.K Cyber Criminals who can hack at will ignored by both Corbyn and May.

There is nothing wrong with immigration. But you have to be able to have room for it and the money to pay for the room – and hospital beds.

Dwindling state resources are also now needed to employ more civil servants to spy on you. You are all according to May; potential terrorists. Theresa May has introduced the ‘Snoopers Charter.’ 47 Public Sector groups will now be using more Public Money to spy on you. Where is the One Nation – it is with Big Brother Theresa May.

There is no money except for the £60 million spent on the Garden Gate Bridge which has not been built yet. Or the millions to be spent on the Manchester Arts Center which will not bring much needed jobs to the North. Jobs first Arts later should be the current criteria. There is nothing One Nation In the way U.K Public funding is allocated.

Victoria Prentice my local M.P does not look at the two fully-equipped empty wards at the Banbury Horton General Hospital and say ‘ Umm that will make a good Community home that could rented out to private enterprise. She instead protests in vain somehow hoping that a Goverment who does not listen will listen.

There is nothing One Nation in a House of Lords that does not represent the people. Laughingly it is the second largest house of representatives in the World. Only China’s National Congress is larger. Where is the One Nation in the House of Lords?

Is Corbyn going to boycott the House of Lords? Are the Unions going to refuse to work with the House of Lords? No. The Union leaders all want to sit in the House of Lords. What a sell-out.

The only One-Nation policy examples are divided population of the United Kingdom who putting it simply ‘Will take all and anything from all and any Government and Opposition’

What are some policy examples of a 'one nation conservative' in the U.K.?

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