Why are Trump’s enemies trying so hard to derail his Presidency?

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My answer to Why are Trump’s enemies trying so hard to derail his Presidency?

Answer by Desmond Last:

In my personal opinion Global Criminal Groups and war profiteers are very very scared about Trump becoming President.

Trump will want to squash them in any way in is able to. That is why one week before he is due to become President up pops a dossier that has been around since mid last year.

Here in the U.K Theresa May's pet Cyber Criminals commit cybercrime as if it were the U.K's new growth industry. Of course May and MI6 never consider their links to Anunak, Buktrap and Mekel the same cyber criminals involved in worldwide cyber crime and the recent dossier on Donald Trump.

A dossier which just happened to be leaked the week before he becomes President by an ex MI6 agent who our MI6 should have been keeping tabs on . Why did they not tell Donald Trump about the dossier months ago?

Yes here in U.K’s 'Welcome CyberCriminals' they did not want Trump so May and MI6 did not tell Trump.

Trump is not wanted by the Global Cyber Criminal Group because he will close them down once he becomes President or at the very least ask the Questions such as what other crimes have they been allowed to commit?

Questions that Theresa May and Obama have not and will not ask.

Trump may get it wrong and may be a ‘little fragile with personal comments’ but he tells it as it is and most of all lets the people know what is going on. There are some very criminal people who do not want Trump which is why so much has been done to try and stop him becoming President.

I hope he ups his Security Detail and double vets them all as those who oppose him will try anything to stop him exposing them for the vermin nasty evil criminals they are.

There are also those who do not want Russia and America to co-operate. It does not sell missiles. There are also those who want containing conflict in the Middle East because they radically opposed to Islam. They do not want a united Islam.

All reasons to try and stop Trump.

Why would you move tanks to Russia's borders a week before Trump becomes President? What genius thought of that?

Donald Trump may not get it right all of the time but he wants to get it right for all of the people of America.

Why are Trump’s enemies trying so hard to derail his Presidency?

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