What were the worst two minutes of your life?

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My answer to What were the worst two minutes of your life?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Without boring anybody with the Hell of it all the worst two minutes were when I arrived back in the U.K four years ago. No matter how it is told I had been through 5 years of Hell in Australia.

Despite the Hell I endured and continue to endure I have never given up fighting whoever the vermin were and are who destroyed my business Sydney Boat Sales. They also lied to ensure the ANZ bank evicted me from my homes in Australia without any notice.

I have never stopped wanting to improve our lives and bring Peace to our World. I knew my work had been stolen and copied. I knew that attempts had and have been made to harm me. Why is it so difficult to want to improve our World?

I returned to the U.K believing that my own Country would provide the Justice I was seeking and welcome my new Economic ideas.

Oh how wrong was I. How naive I was. I honestly expected David Cameron the Prime Minister to send one of his flunkeys to welcome me and my ideas for a better World and U.K when I arrived at Heathrow. My work is important. I was sure David Cameron would recognise the value of my work for the U.K and World.

Cameron did not have my ideas. Wasn't he mean to do the best for his country?

I was wrong. I was too trusting in a system of law and order that I have always respected. I was also wrong to put my trust in Cameron and now Theresa May.

Nobody met me and since then I have had numerous attempts by the U.K Government to silence me. The U.K media will not report me or my work.

So that was it. The two minutes after I walked through Customs at Heathrow were the most disappointing in my life and probably the worst in expectation.

Instead I must one day take the U.K Government to Court. What a waste of time it has all been.

What were the worst two minutes of your life?

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