Do Europeans dislike England?

My answer to Do Europeans dislike England?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I am English. Born in London. But I dislike what the England has become and no doubt so too have many Europeans and others from around the World.

England has become a Country who expect Europe and the rest of the World to give them respect because they believe that they alone were able to defeat Adolph Hitler in World War Two.

England trades on its past and does not prosper on its future. Who do I blame? The people. They accept mediocre governments and endure inadequate politics.

Why? Because they have no pride, no self-worth and no National identity. Here in Bend over Britain the people will accept anything as long as they are personally not affected. A good example is the thugs who go to Europe to cause trouble. Most of our fans do not cause trouble. But the few that do are not dealt with by the U.K Government as they should be. Yet the whole Country accepts their behaviour.

Well they are all about to feel the effect of a Europe and World who will not buy from the U.K and a Government and Opposition who have no new ideas.

How can Europe and the World have respect for a Country that has no respect for itself.

Theresa May must be the least respected politician in the World. May will not deal with a group of nasty thugs in the U.k who commit cybercrime will and no doubt commit other crimes.

This morning they took down the Google browser. What do the U.K Goverment and the poiepe do ? Nothing, They accept it. How can Europe and the rest of the World respect a Country that has two legal systems?

How can Europe respect May and the U.K when they will not apply the law equally?

I have spent 4 years here and will soon leave for good. in that four years I have not stopped trying to promote new ideas that would give back the pride to the U.K and earn them respect from Europe and the rest of the World. On the rare occasion that a U.K citizen engages me in conversation they will praise my ideas. Then they carry on being apathetic and enduring.

Four years of trying to promote my new ideas and the result is zero. The people know the U.K media will not report me. The people know that the U.K Governments of David Cameron and Theresa May have used the institutions of the state to try and shut me up. Yet they accept it all. Why I have no idea. The Political Parties and the Trade Unions do not have the practical workable ideas that I have.

In our modern World respect must be earned. There are many in the U.K particularly in the Civil Service and Government who expect Europe and the World to fawn at their feet. Well they are in the process of a reality check because respect has a $ value and it will not be spent with the U.K

Do Europeans dislike England?


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