What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions?

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My answer to What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I have a theory which must be unpopular as nobody will respond to it. It is this.

My theory is there is a Global Crime that is endangering the lives of children, woman and men all over the World.

A group of very nasty sick criminals have convinced millions around the World to take part in a Global Social Experiment for which each person who takes part will be paid.

These are sick Evil lying people who will do anything for money including the murder of children.

Every Country in the World is taking part. Each Group within each Country believe they are the only ones involved.

They are spending huge sums of money to convince the World that they are the Global Community. Football stadiums are used and huge Global Conferences – all a lie, a con, a sham.

People are told that there is some mysterious Global Group behind it all who have millions waiting to be paid out. All a lie. They lie and lie and lie.

Charities have turned over Charity collection and distribution to them. They take millions out and very little gets to those who need it.

They place their people in Business, Charities and Governments. For one purpose only to take out your money. They are very very dangerous as they do not know what they are doing – and they advise Governments.

People, Companies and Government organisations all over the World are told to do exactly as they are ordered but must not tell anybody they are taking part.

They wear face-masks and have cosmetic surgery to impersonate Government leaders and known business people and also military and Police so countries business and people are led to believe that the whole world is giving consent and paying for their participation.

Each group thinks they are the only ones involved in the Social Experiment and the world is paying them to carry out acts which include those of shameful behaviour.

People also believe they are paid to advertise clothes cars and other products. All lies nobody is paying them. People who work for them have been told they are earning thousands and thousand of £/$ but they are not being paid at all.

They produce false invoices and bank statements and pay in promissory notes which are worthless. Companies are told people will buy their products but instead false orders are placed.

There are millions taking part – obviously there is not that much money in the World so nobody is getting paid. It is being paid for by the taxpayer and Public Subscription. Taxpayers should investigate because if I am correct we are talking about billions of taxpayers dollars, pounds, francs etc. All wasted with no return at all.

They do not pay their bills and may also be involved in ‘Charity Umbrella’ and ‘Buying Group Organisations'.

It is possible that they have infiltrated Governments and Business and seconded people to work for them. Anybody who objects to what they are doing is murdered.

They could also be involved in illegal medical research involving hundreds of thousands of people. All paid for by the people and their tax dollars. The research is outlined in Wikipedai.


DARPA the American Military Research Group may be involved as they contract out bio-medical research into the brain and computer interface. Which is a very stupid thing to do as once a mind is accessed who controls the flow of information? Pentagon and GCHQ should be very wary of this technology. It may be that people all over the World are being connected to a system which removes information control. Read the DARPA site link I have copied.

DARPA American Military Research in the Brain

Research into the Brain is being carried out all over the World. I believe that the Global Criminal Group have hijacked this research and its funding for their own criminal purposes. Medical research has laws to ensure it is legal.

Ethics and Medical Research

It maybe that people have invested their life-savings with such Groups. If they have they should withdraw their money immediately.

Anybody who has a missing relative or friend should attempt to find out if they have been involved with any such organisation. Is there a group who have seconded anybody you know who is missing?

I also believe they may be involved in the release of toxic chemicals into the environment. Has anybody in your area purchased large quantities of chemicals? If they have inform the local Hazmat authorities.

They could only be able to do whatever they want with the consent of Governments and the Police. It is also possible they are responsible for recent world-wide computer hacking.

They may use the reason that they are involved in ‘Civil Defence Exercises’ and that they represent the International Community. They impersonate representatives of Governments, Military and other organisations and declare any area they take over as an ‘International Zone'. The local Police and Government then hand authority of that area over to them.

It maybe that the recent impersonation of Police and other officials in Nigeria and other parts of the World is part of the Global Crime.

The Global Criminal Group do not represent anybody but themselves. If anybody in your area is involved in such an Organisation or Exercise then question their authority by seeking verified confirmation from known Government or Organisation representatives they say they represent. They are not part of any International Community Group or Government.

They may use face masks and body suits to change their identity and represent people in authority. They may do the same to impersonate children and gain access to areas where children are.

I advise people to be very aware of the harm that could be caused to women and children who are taking part in any Social Experiment.

If I am correct one fact is for certain. Sooner or later people will want to know where their missing relatives are. The group will run out of money and become more desperate as time goes on.

If you are part of any Social Experiment be warned it is likely to lead to harm.

Do not entrust children with any group who are involved with or have any connection with any Social Experiment.

I believe they use a very powerful addictive drug which takes away emotional control – this way they can use women and children for sexual exploitation.

If I am wrong then all well and good. It is not against the law to have an opinion and to be concerned for the safety of women and children.

When I wrote to David Cameron of my concerns some 3 years ago three Police Officers were sent to my home and they questioned my mental health. What was strange is that the Police displayed zero interest in my theory. No doubt David Cameron and Theresa May have made made sure that the children of the U.K are not subject to any illegal acts by any 'Social Experiment'. So my theory must be wrong. I hope!

A senior Doctor from the U.K NHS has since stated in writing there is nothing wrong with my mental health – you must draw your own conclusions.

There is a lot more but I am unable to prove what has been happening. It is based on certain events of my life. Of course I could be wrong.

But at least now people are aware that such a danger could exist and are able to question any such activity and ensure that children and women are not involved.

It is a Public Duty to warn people of any possible criminal acts – which is what I have done. Question the authority of anybody who orders you to carry out any act which could endanger you or your family and involves breaking the law.

It is a theory. Our Governments are legally obliged to ensurte there is only one legal system.

What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions?

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