If God is ultimately in control how can free will exist?

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My answer to If God is ultimately in control how can free will exist?

Answer by Desmond Last:

God has provided the people with a destiny it is up to each individual to determine his or her fate in relation to that destiny. God is not in control of anybody. God provides everybody with the ability to develop his or world using the guidance he has provided.

There would be no point in God developing mankind as a development of his own Philosophy if all we did was act slavishly to his word.

It is the use of religion to control thought and actions that has created so many of the World’s problems.

However for many and I include ISIS and Al Qaeda in that term their strict adherence to the doctrine of Islam acts as their route to a enfranchisement of a faith. This then promotes a doctrine not as an individual salvation but as they have used it, with a collective obedience.

When the suicide bomber makes his decision to die he has broken free of ISIS and then is part of a pathway to heaven. Until then he is rigorously controlled by the radical view of God used by ISIS and his emotions stirred by the actions of the west.

The leaders of Islam are just as responsible for the crusader wars as the West they so seek to destroy or rail against. They are so controlling that they have have not allowed democracy in their own countres to be developed alongside Gods word.

However the West flaunts their crime drugs and pornography in their face whilst seeking to impose Western culture upon them.

So they then use the actions of the Prophet Muhammad to control thought and action. As a result the people use the historic divisions of Islam to provide a collective voice and unfortunately this leads to conflcit which the West exploits.

It is not God who controls our fate it is each of us. God no more wants control then he does the division of Jerusalem.

If God is ultimately in control how can free will exist?

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