Is the UK dangerous?

My answer to Is the UK dangerous?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Being in the U.K is harmful to individual liberty and free thought. In the four years I have been back in the U.K my ability to produce new ideas have been constrained by the U.K Government and the U.K Media.

There is no liberty in the U.K to pursue new ideas as the U.K Government will use every tool it has legal and otherwise to stamp down hard on you if they feel threatened.

I have been subjected to four years of harassment by the U.K Goverment who have used State institutions in an attempt to shut me up. There is so very much more but it will wait for my day in Court.

3 x the U.K Goverment has tried to use the Mental Health Act Act to stop me writing.

I have no criminal record. I have done nothing other than write on the Internet.

Both David Cameron and Theresa May have allowed the harassment I have had to endure. Both know full well who I am and both have ignored the benefit of my work to their own citizens and the World. Cameron never replied to the 14 emails I sent him. Instead he sent the Metropolitan Police to see me as they did not like the ‘tone’ of my emails.

Theresa May’s Home Office group the Fixated Threat Group somehow got hold of an email I sent to the NHS asking about Policy on Direct Energy weapons and the Oxford NHS Trust sent me a letter stating I might be a threat to Public Safety. Uh?

They later apologized. Theresa May never replied to the emails I sent her as Home Office Secretary.

Each time it has been my writing they have used as their reason to say I have a Mental health issue.

One local Bicester Doctor said he was questioning my Mental Health because I believed my writing could improve the World. I want to see him for a loss of feeling in a finger and I ended up being told I needed a Mental Health Review.

Unbelievable. I can’t wait for ‘My day in Court’ to question that statement.

I now have a letter from the NHS stating quite clearly and in no uncertain terms there is nothing wrong with my mental Health. Why then was it ever in Question?

The U.K press will not print a word I say and the BBC and ITV also ignore me. I have ideas that Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn do not have and it would seem are not intellectually capable of having yet they ensure I am censored by the U.K Media.

My advice is if you want to improve our World do not come to the United Kingdom it is dangerous to your Health.

Is the UK dangerous?

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 12~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am also a Poet, singer/songwriter and I enjoy producing music and fashion concepts. All my writing and work is copyright protected

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