Is gold the most important thing in the world?

My answer to Is gold the most important thing in the world?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Water is the most important ‘thing’ in the World. Climate Change and our increasing urbanisation which changes water courses and evaporation systems is resulting in less fresh water. Salination due to deforestation and drought is on the increase. Polar and Glacier ice melting is also reducing evaporation and seasonal water flows.

One day it is highly likely that countries may go to war over Water rights.

China and India are disputing the building of a dam by China which will divert water used by Indian Farmers. There are many other areas of dispute in the World.

‘According to the WHO, each human being requires a bare minimum of 20 litres of fresh water per day for basic hygiene’ this equals 7.3 cubic metres (about 255 ft) per person, per year.’ Fresh water is a reducing resource but our population continues to increase.

Water politics – Wikipedia

Gold is of no use when it has no value. Would you exchange your only glass of water for a bar of Gold?

If we do not produce a solution to Climate Change and population movement due to water shortages then Water will become more valuable than Gold.

Is gold the most important thing in the world?

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