How do submachine guns protect against terrorists?

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My answer to How do submachine guns protect against terrorists?

Answer by Desmond Last:

There is not a gun in the World which will protect you from the decision a terrorist makes to kill himself and others in support of his chosen cause.

Not one suicide bomber is deterred from committing his act of terror by the CIA, MI6, Mossad the FBI etc.

Our Governments, all of them, do not seem to be able to understand that if we want to stop terrorism we must do two things. I have sent them countless communications on this very point. They never even bother to reply.

We must all work as one in the Middle East and not fight proxy wars through the death of civilians.

We must address the ‘World Of God’ that both ISIS and Al Qaeda have created with an alternative that ensures the true World of God is seen as one which does not promote the killing of innocent civilians.

The problem we face is that we have a weak and impotent United Nations who are no longer the ‘Peacemakers’.

No matter what gun you have once a person decides to become a Martyr to his or her casue there is nothing you can do to stop him. Unless your Intel finds him before he commits the act. The more Civilians that are killed in Proxy war the less Intel you will be able to get.

Simple. But our Governments believe you can bomb Peace into the Middle East. More bombs equal more Terrorists.

How do submachine guns protect against terrorists?

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