Why are the British so disorganised?

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My answer to Why are the British so disorganised?

Answer by Desmond Last:

We were not disorganised but now we are. These are some observations as to why as a People the U.K have become less organised and coordinated.

I was outside the entrance to 10 Downing Street. I was carrying out a one man protest which included protesting about leaving the refugees in Syria to starve.

The area around the Police sentry point just inside the Gates was a mess. The Police were not smart and orderly and they were not in any formation.

Then I went to the Household Cavalry Barracks. The soldiers on Guard Duty looked like ‘lollipop man (the people who ensure the safety of children crossing). They were not wearing regimented footwear. They did not stand in a military position, they did not check cars going into the barracks. An officer ‘whistled’ at one of them to come to him. The plaque which commemorated the death of an officer decorated in World War One was not bright and shiny it was dirty and dull.

The U.K Police are the worst-dressed in the World. Whoever designed their new uniforms must have been a blind designer who lives in a remote community somewhere in the Sahara Desert. They look as if they are off-duty football players about to participate in a game of Paintball.

In every company I have worked for since coming back to ‘Bend over Britain’ there has been no effective quality control. It is very much ‘ I do not give a damn’ attitude.

Then I had the nightmare of seeing my mum who is 87 enter the Emergency system of th National Health Service. Apart from the odd Nazi the staff of the NHS are dedicated professionals. But the system should be thrown in the bin – it is the most disorganized major system I have ever encountered. The AE area of the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford is like being on a Motorway. Since when does a safety critical area became a passageway to anybody? The information systems are not compatible and the inefficiency is costing the NHS the entire budget of a Pacific island Nation.

Unbelievably there is no ISO Quality system in place. Instead an ad hoc system causes more infections than it prevents. The Quality Care Commission wander the Hospitals oblivious to the failed system they make meaningless comment on.

Jeremy Hunt the Minister in charge should be sacked – today. He could not ‘organise’ a Christmas Day with Santa Claus.’

The economy of the U.K has become de-skilled and reliant on low-paid jobs. This has lead to a decline in living standards for professionals. There is now a culture of ‘its not my job’ and a ‘lack of Pride’. This resulted in the disorganisation of the U.K.

I am not a complainer. Everything that is wrong with the U.K my new ideas and systems would remedy. But as the U.K Media will not report me or my work the U.K will stay disorganized and unwelcome to new Investment.

Why are the British so disorganised?

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