Would you swear an oath to British values if you were a UK citizen?

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My answer to Would you swear an oath to British values if you were a UK citizen?

Answer by Desmond Last:

No I would not. Because we no longer have British Values to uphold. We no longer have the values that I was once proud of.

We do not look after our senior citizens the majority of whom have worked hard all their lives. They have paid an average of £800,ooo in tax over their lifetime only to be told that their social care is to be cut. This being done whilst we spend £5 million on the Ethiopian Spice Girls as well as sending money to countries who in Cameron’s own words are ‘fantastically corrupt’. The Spice Girls will not feed the hungry of Ethiopia.

Our homeless, who too have worked and paid tax sleep unsafe on the streets knowing that the tax they paid whilst working is paying for the £365,000,000 refurbishment of Buckingham Palace.

Our Royal Family make no comment on how our Social Justice system is running out of money because most of the time they are on tour overseas in nice warm climates.

For our Royal Family Aleppo does not exist.

Our dead of WW2 and WW1 are insulted by a Football establishment who fine our Football teams for wearing poppies. But instead of boycotting any further competition as we should we will pay the fine and wear the insult.

Sgt. Alexander Blackman is still in Jail whilst our Prime Minister allows criminals to commit any crime they want.

Our servicemen who were on duty in Northern Ireland are pursued with a vigour that is not applied to the IRA who murdered our soldiers and civilians.

Our Steel Industry like most of our country is owned by China and India who we have to Bend over to and are afraid to criticise in case they withdraw their investment.

Our Police are used as punch bags on Friday and Saturday nights by drunks. The females of which are issued thongs so they do not hurt themselves when they are in the overstretched A.E wards.

Our Prime Minister is so subservient to the E.U she publically welcomes being cold shouldered. Our Goverment Ministers will do anything to avoid taking responsibility for any matter that involves making a decision.

Our Union leaders care nothing for the Nation only for their own Political aims.

Our House of Lords do not know what a zero hours contract is because they are too busy doing zero hours for £300 an attendance.

Our Foreign Minister Johnson acts as if U.K arms being used to kill children in Yemen is legal whilst he wants ISIS tried for war crimes as he watches the children of Aleppo die.

What are our values?

Would you swear an oath to British values if you were a UK citizen?

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