Has your life ever been in danger?

My answer to Has your life ever been in danger?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Nine years ago it all seemed so worthwhile. This should be an ideal that will be welcomed by the World I thought; make the World one in which we can all live in Peace.

Oh how wrong was I. I thought I would use my gifts of writing to improve the World. Surely the World would welcome my new ideas. So off I set. Well numerous life threatening moments and nine years later I still have my ideals and I still have my gift of writing.

But not one Journalist in the World has ever reported me and my work and not one member of Government has welcomed my new ideas for a better World.

I consider that at time certain events have seemed as close to somebody wanting to get rid of me as you would read in any 007 novel. However God is at my side so I guess all my enemies will end up screaming in Pain on Earth or in hell.

But I will never give up – not whilst there is one Aleppo in the World will I give up wanting to see God’s World on Planet Earth.

Has your life ever been in danger?

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