What were you once, that you’ll never be again?

My answer to What were you once, that you'll never be again?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I once was a person who believed that our Governments would uphold law and order, protect and advance human rights and fight for injustice.

The events of the last nine years of my life have meant that I will never again take the word of any member of Government. I will want proof and verification of anything they say.

Aleppo has also changed me. Throughout 2016 I watched helpless as children were brutally murdered by those acting on behalf of our Governments. All I could do was include Aleppo in an much on-line writing as possible. Our Governments could have worked together to stop the carnage. They choose not too.

I once had respect for Governments. I will never be that person again. They have become self-serving institutions that seek only to protect and advance their own interests and those they seek to serve with their vested interests.

We the People must learn to mistrust everything our Governments say. Only then may we regain our voice and rights as citizens.

What were you once, that you'll never be again?

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