Is it weird that the son of god was crucified by human?

My answer to Is it weird that the son of god was crucified by human?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Not at all. In fact we of the World, all 7 billion of us civilized human beings, have been quite content to watch the children of Aleppo be crucified by our Government in the name of Peace.

So why would Jesus be any different? Not only do we do nothing whilst the children of Aleppo have died and lived in absolute fear we also did nothing whilst refugees, many children, died from drowning in the Mediterranean.

Our Church leaders perpetuate the crucifying of children by welcoming the Governments who ensure that children are killed in war. The Pope will shake hands with any Goverment no matter how many children they have killed.

Obama has made it into an art form – he spent more time playing Golf as President then he did in Peace talks.

Of course you add all the children who have died in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya Gaza and those who die of starvation, malnutrition and disease than what mankind did to Jeses is insignificant by comparison. Mankind excels at crucifying in the name of Peace and Economic Systems that do not work.

Mankind’s latest crucifixion of children has been the Internet which sexually exploits children all over the World. So in final answer to your question I say it was it was the ‘norm’ for mankind and it still is, to crucify innocence.

Is it weird that the son of god was crucified by human?

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