Is there any discernible pattern to the timing of lone wolf ISIS attacks?

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My answer to Is there any discernible pattern to the timing of lone wolf ISIS attacks?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Yes there is. However the CIA FBI MI5 MI6 and all other Security Services and our Governments do not have the emotional access to those they have arrested. To do so would produce a more accurate profile which will be able to be used to predict the locale, probability and timing sequence of the attacks. They do not have a common communication of understanding. I do.

They do not have the ability to stop one suicide bomber from ‘wanting to kill civilians and military’.

No matter how many Police and Security Services you put on the streets and how many ISIS et al you kill there will always be another one who will act on his own or start a new cell.

I have sent an outline of my new Philosophy of the ‘World of God’ to the CIA to MI5 Mossad and MI6 and to the U.S Australian and U.K Governments. I have outlined my ‘World of God’ to them.

I am particularly critical of Theresa May the U.K Prime Minister in this matter. It is May’s legal obligation to protect her citizens – by deliberately ignoring my work May is increasing the terror threat. David Cameron did the same and continues to do so.

I have written my outline in an objective clear and coherent way. I have explained that the use of the ‘World of God’ in a historical context by ISIS cannot be countered by Western Islam. Western Islam has supported the very acts that ISIS use in their ‘Word of God’ to access the emotional triggers of a committed suicide bomber.

Note: The use of the two terms the ‘World of God’ and the ‘Word of God’ are important distinctions. The ‘World of God’ is the practical application of God’s own Philosophy’. It is a very important distinction as ISIS are ‘frozen in time’ with their rewritten ‘Word of God’ whereas I develop the ‘World Of God’ from God’s own Philosophy.

I have explained to the Security Services and Government that by ensuring my Philosophy is read and listened to by those who see ISIS et al as their ‘platform’ for the sanctuary of Heaven we will be able to compile an more accurate profile of would be suicide bombers.

I would have spent time speaking to those who have been arrested for terrorism. Their reaction to my work would produce a profile that the Security Services would be able to use. From that profile we would have been able to produce a demographic, probable locales and an indication of what triggers the final decision. From that information we could have identified particular events which lead to the final decision – in effect a timing sequence. A lot of work but more cost-effective than London Paris or New York Counter Terrorism Police who spend all day waiting for their citizens to be blown apart.

There is something else. I have been writing for nine years. With no acknowledgement from any Government. I have been subjected to some very painful experiences including attempted murder to stop me writing. But I have continued. Not once I have let down God’s or the people’s faith in me. I am alive because God has given me his protection which I certainly have not received it from the Law.

ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and Al Shaabab know I want that which God has given us. The freedom to develop the revolution of ideas he gave to the people. Which in a way is what they want – I of course cannot agree with how they want to achieve their ‘World of God’. But they know what the Western Goverment have done to me. They know I speak for God and all those who have been exploited and used by the West. My work will be read as a truth to understand not an ‘anti-radicalism’ written to order. They know I am no ‘Puppet Westerner’

They know I would have wanted to speak to ISIS and Al Qaeda et al and they know I do not care if I die fighting for Peace. They know of my efforts to stop the killing in Afghanistan and they know of the Poetry and songs written for Afghanistan.

ISIS also know that I do not want them to be slaughtered by Russia or the West. Legalized genocide of a group who hav misunderstood that which God has for them is not a Principle God would agree with.

ISIS cannot be allowed to use force to achieve their aims – but what other method could they use to achieve their aims? What America wants it either pays cash for or controls. However ISIS must be stopped. But first we should have spoken to them. There are moderates and extremists in any organisation.

MI5 the CIA and all Western Governments do have my sincerity.

I would have been listened to by ISIS Al Qaeda Boko Haram and Al Shaabab.

Ayman Al Zawheri of Al Qaeda knows who I am as do Ahmed Omar of Al Shaabab, Abubakar Shekau of Boko Haram and Abu Bakr al Baghdadi of ISIS. They know of my struggle to get my work developed and read.

It only takes one terrorist to kill hundreds maybe thousands. If he or she had read my work he may have not carried out the attack.

However I never even received an acknowledgement to my emails and direct communication I have sent to the Security Services and Governments- including the E.U.and Mossad.

No replies. Nothing. Zero.

That in itself is yet another reason for a suicide bomber to justify his or terror attacks. What the CIA and MI6 MI5 SO15 et al have done is increase the terror risk by so publicly and deliberately ignoring my work. You must ask them why.

The CIA and MI6 are dangerous fools if think that the suppression of my work is not being used against the West.

The Worlds media and I mean every Journalist in the World will not report me or my work. Why?

When you next read of a terror attack in your country and listen to the mounting death toll or grieve for your son or daughter who was been killed you must question your Governments treatment of me and my work. You must ask why it is your Government have ignored my work and my works ability to produce a profile and timing sequence that they do not have.

Is there any discernible pattern to the timing of lone wolf ISIS attacks?

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