On what basis does the UK Government claim it has international reputation for protecting human rights?

My answer to On what basis does the UK Government claim it has international reputation for protecting human rights?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The Government of the United has no basis on which it can claim it has an International reputation for protecting Human Rights.

Allowing children to die in Aleppo, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iraq is not protecting Human Rights.

The United Kingdom is a signatory to an International Agreement which protects life. It is also a member of the Security Council. The terms of its position as a voting member of the Security Council are such that it must work with other members of the Security Council to ensure the World has Security and Peace.

For five years the United Kingdom has acted in the most disgusting and cowardly manner by allowing the Syrian Conflict to kill 300,000 Syrians. It has taken sides in a conflict not to ensure an end to the war but to further the interests of America in the region.

It has also failed to seek the immediate arrest of Assad and Rebel Leaders who have murdered so many of their own citizens. Peace can only come with a unified human legal military response.

The United Kingston Government now stands like a lame duck whilst it watches the criminal acts being carried out by the Rebels, Assad and the Russian Government. Rebels who it has financed and armed. What right has the U.K Government and others to support armed groups in any conflict?

The terms of membership of the Security Council are such that a unified legal force should be provided through the United Nations not by the support of opposing factions.

There are 3 million serving Military Personal within the member States of the United Nations Security Council. Is that not the overwhelming force required to disarm both sides and bring an end to the conflict?

The U.K Government has also supplied weapons to the Saudi Arabia Government which has used them to kill men women and children in Yemen. This is in contravention of its membership of the E.U and as a member of the Security Council.

These are not the acts I and the people of the United Kingdom can be proud of.

Both David Cameron and Theresa May are global partners in the murder of Civilians.

Millions of people including Russians died in World War Two so that we would not witness the atrocities we stand impotent to whilst children are being brutally killed in Aleppo and other areas of conflict.

I personally am disgusted by the moral cowardice displayed by the Government of the United Kingdom, America and other Governments. Russia too has no right to allow children to be subject to such inhumane acts.

Putin's feeble excuse that Assad invited his support is not legal as Assad by the acts he has carried out is not a legal regime.

I do not care what miserable excuse the U.K Government provides for its lack of humanity and military action to stop the carnage continuing in Syria. Children must not be used as human capital in Political war-games.

Would God kill children in Aleppo? Yet on Sunday Theresa May will be in church. Why?

We must be proud of the sacrifice made by so many to fight for our human rights. That does not mean standing silent at the Cenotaph and then ignoring both our legal and moral obligation to those who need the Legal promise we have made.

I am a proud Englishman of my Nation’s past but not of my present.

If I were Prime Minster of the United Kingdom I would personally lead an armed Military Aid Convey into Aleppo. I am sure that the men and women of the U.K Military would would be proud to be with me.

Instead we must hang our heads in shame. You will never be forgiven U.K Government for letting the children of Aleppo die.

On what basis does the UK Government claim it has international reputation for protecting human rights?

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