Why is your life beautiful?

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My answer to Why is your life beautiful?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Because one day I am going to stand before Barack Obama and ask him this.

Why for 9 years did you ignore all my new ideas and my development of my understanding of the Word of God which could have saved and improved lives.

Why does that make my life beautiful? Because it is time he and many others in our so-called Establishment elite were told a few home truths and I intend to ensure that they are told – by me personally.

My life is also made beautiful by the knowledge that my work will one day improve the lives of millions.

One of the home truths Obama, Putin, May, Merkel, Hollande Trudeau et al need to be told by the World is that we are all disgusted by the cowardly manner in which you have let the children in Aleppo and other areas of conflict die.

The other is that you do not arrest your own citizens for murder and then support groups who murder civilians. We do not have two legal systems. One for the Government and one for ourselves.

Why is your life beautiful?

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