What do you avoid?

My answer to What do you avoid?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Listening to Politicians who never answer the Question. The other is Politicians who are too rude to answer and do not reply or say ‘No comment’. I have to avoid watching and listening to them on the television or I am tempted to start ranting and raving to myself.

They are so frustrating that I cannot bear to listen to them. Why oh why is it that they never answer the quesion. Is it that they do not have the brains to think of an original unscripted reply? Why do the interviewers let them get away with it?

As for the ‘no comment’ and ‘walk away’ brigade they should be sacked. That is their job to communicate to the people.

That is why the World is so stuffed. We let our Governments get away with too much.

We need to demand more of them. Not necessarily of time but of relevance to us the people.

It is time they spoke to the people and not the media. Theresa May has not made on National address since she became Prime Minister. May has only ever spoken to the people of the U.K through the media.

If they cannot deliver then we should be able to sack individual politician without having to wait for an election.

Finally I avoid watching the House of Lords in debate. They are a laughing stock and so out of touch that they have no idea at all what it is the people want.

What do you avoid?

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