What’s wrong with nationalism?

My answer to What's wrong with nationalism?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Obama is wrong. There is nothing wrong with Nationalism long as it takes into account the identity of all other cultures that are part of your particular nation-state. When the competitors of each Nation parade before their National Flag at the Olympics or the Football World Cap the Nation state is seen as an identifier of Pride, achievement and purpose.

Nationalism allows the people to part of a National Movement that can include economic industrial achievement, the development of human rights and the progress of Social Justice.

Too often Nationalism is used as a reason by the Political elite for the justification of the development of a New World Order in which we the people are identified not by our Nation status but by the exploitation of our economic availability – the new serfdom.

Obama this week warned of identifying the failure of economic and social justice policies as a reason to use your Nation identity as a tool to exclude others.

Obama was wrong. It is he and others such as Blair, Cameron and Hollande who have allowed the people to be traded across borders thereby reducing their value and the ability they have to multiply that value.

Obama has used the identity of his Nation to interfere in the progress of social justice and democracy of other Nations. In doing so he has attempted to place his Nationalism as the Nation state provider of democracy and Justice. Obama failed. Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Somalia, Yemen are all tragic symbols of Obama’s failed Nationalism.

Why is this? Why would a supposedly intelligent man not understand that he has been the World’s most dangerous Nationalist.

Obama has failed to comprehend that his inability to progress Global Democracy, replaced instead with economic feudalism, has lead to a vacuum of International Democracy that he has attempted to fill with his failed support of the very Nationalism he this week has criticized.

He has also not seen ISIS for what it really represents. ISIS are a cause. A cause that do not want the failed morality of the West. That does not justify the terror that ISIS has caused. But it was a move away from Western Nationalism to be replaced by a movement that attempted to bring a form of morality back into society. A morality that has no Nationalism only the democracy of God. ISIS had no other way of purpose other than the use of arms. Obama promoted a failed Iraq regime.

Obama failed to see that his support of an Iraq regime that did not represent or provide what the people wanted. It implemented what America’s Nationalism wanted – hence ISIS.

Obama is so wrapped up in his Washington bubble he has ignored the only solution to ensuring that Nationalism did not produce the far right politics he is so concerned about is to reform the only Global Democracy we have of ensuring Nationalism does not become Fascism – a reform of the United Nations.

Governments number one priority should be the citizens of their country. A home, a job, a future and a hospital bed with security of their borders and Law and Order.

The United Nations should be the body that represents Global Democracy and the progress of human rights and social justice.

The United Nations must be free of all political interference. It must have a People’s mandate to stop all conflicts with a united independent force whose only allegiance is to the People and Peace.

That is the centerpiece of my reform of the United Nations. It is the only way we will achieve World Peace. I call it UN2.

We must welcome legal Nationalism. It it time we all focused on our own backyards and let the progress of democracy be the concern of each of us through a reformed United Nations.

Obama has never responded in my nine years of writing to any communication I have made to him nor has any of his Government.

This is ‘Government Nationalism’ at its worst. Obama’s failure to listen to the progress of new thought and the peoples rejection of ‘Economic Nationalism’ by the Global Elite.

That is why Obama and others including Theresa May, Hollande, Merkelt et al are no longer seen as representatives of their people and Nation but as of a ‘Global Economic Nationalism’. They simply do not listen and even more worrying they do not understand.

May is even more separated from her people. May endeavors to bring more Globalization to the U.K through free trade agreements. These agreements will swamp the U.K economy with cheap imports and dumping through the advantage of economies of scale by more productive economies. Manufacturing is only 20 per cent of the U.K economy. ‘Bend over Britain’ is about to become the World’s dumping ground.

The U.K needs Nationalism if it is to produce an identity it lost a long time ago. ‘Where is the pride U.K’ may be the cry of so many who once endeavored to make the U.K a global power house of economic endeavor. Certainly not on the London Taxis who are told they cannot display the flag of St George on St George’s Day. Why not, is this not England? Yet those who object are free to display their own cultural symbols.

That is Nationalism; the freedom to be proud of your country. A common bond and a purpose for achievement.

What's wrong with nationalism?

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 15~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer for the NSW Government at Liverpool Hospital Sydney. I also act as an Engineering Consultant to EarthCruiser Australia.

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