What is the cheapest thing you’ve seen a mega-rich person do?

My answer to What is the cheapest thing you've seen a mega-rich person do?

Answer by Desmond Last:

As the owner and Boat Broker of Sydney Boat Sales I had agreed to meet the owner of the 38′ Bayliner I had sold for him. He wanted to meet me on board the Bayliner as he had some personal effects to remove and I had a cheque for $145,000 to hand over to him.

He was a very rich Property developer with a multi-million dollar Sydney water-side property. I had got him a good price for the Bayliner and was looking forward to a quick meeting and then home. When I boarded the boat I was amazed to see him removing all the life-jackets.

New they are about $30 each. His were used and worth about $10 each.

Then it began. I had to be polite but firm. In reality I wanted to tell him what a cheapskate he was after I had thrown him overboard. He insisted that he was entitled to take them as they were not part of the boat.

Finally I had to play my trump card. “Right then” I said. “This is your cheque. I am going to tear it up. Then you can spend the next six months finding another buyer”. Out came his smooth talk and a back-down . He left the life jackets and I gave him the cheque.

Why is it the more money they have the greedier they become?

What is the cheapest thing you've seen a mega-rich person do?

Author: Desmond Last

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