What will ISIS do next?

My answer to What will ISIS do next?

Answer by Desmond Last:

They will do everything they can to kill you. On the Metro or in an airport. In any crowded City or Town. The recapturing of Mosul is for ISIS not a defeat. It is evidence of their struggle.

They have displayed their martyrdom and their allegiance to all those who reject the Western way of life.

Mosul is for ISIS just part of their journey for an Islamic State. There is no victory for the Coalition when they retake Mosul. Strategic yes. But where it matters, which is in the minds and hearts, ISIS will be stronger than ever before.

The fight against ISIS will not be won by military defeat alone. It will be the pen – an alternative to the ‘Word of God’ that they have developed to use as the blueprint for their struggle.

However, the U.K and American Security Forces and Governments have not acknowledged my alternative philosophy to that ISIS and Al Qaeda. I have not read anything comparable.

This means nothing has been done to reduce the terror threat. Putting more armed Police and troops is not going to stop a terrorist from his pathway to Heaven.

Therefore you can expect more suicide bombings by ISIS to be next.

With Christmas shopping on our doorstep people should remain very vigilant.

What will ISIS do next?

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