What do you think of Theresa May for increasing the number of grammar schools in the U.K.?

My answer to What do you think of Theresa May for increasing the number of grammar schools in the U.K.?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Theresa May was not alone in deciding to increase the number of Grammar Schools in the U.K. A member of May’s inner circle was instrumental in ensuring his subjective views were prioritized.

This illustrates how U.K democracy has become the voice not of the people but of those who are in the ‘Establishment Power Elite’.

May has increasingly displayed a lack of judgment in so many area of U.K Government Policy. The civil servant who could not wait to impose his will on the people of the U.K is Nick Timothy.

May appoints former advisers as joint chiefs of staff

What is disturbing is that Timothy did not engage in Public debate or in any ‘Public Domain’ conversation. He used his position to insure that May delivered a proposal that was ‘out of the blue’.

The only discussion I can find by Nick Timothy is Nick Timothy: What does the Conservative Party offer a working-class kid from Brixton, Birmingham, Bolton or Bradford?

The article is very subjective and does not contain any supporting facts.

Is this what May based a Policy proposal on?

I searched 7 pages of Bing to find Timothy's public debate. I could only find the one which I have listed above.

One person was able to do that which 65 million could not. He circumnavigated all Political Parties and community groups to ensure he ‘got his way’.

This is how modern Governments now work. They do not engage with the People unless they are in tune with what they want.

The Grammar school policy was treated as more important than ensuring the U.K had a policy for Brexit.

The people of the U.K voted for Cameron and his mandate. May has not got a mandate for increasing Grammar Schools nor have the people any idea of what 4 years of May is going to mean.

There is only one way to ensure that children of the U.K have the best education and that is to make sure every school is the best there is. This also means your children go to the closest available school. Well off and and influential parents should not be afraid to smell the ‘oily rag’ of those who work bloody hard to pay their taxes.

Their voice and influence should assist those who are not able to be so resourceful and articulate. It is called building a community – the cornerstone of democracy.

May has been in the Home Office too long and it shows. The U.K is not a personal fiefdom run along the lines of a dictatorship. It is meant to be a dynamic democracy. Unfortunately May has stalled its progress.

The U.K cannot grow its democracy and cement its multiculturalism if we ensure children are not provided with the ability to grow and learn from all parts of our society.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that May makes up her policy as she goes along. It is time for a General Election.

What do you think of Theresa May for increasing the number of grammar schools in the U.K.?

Author: Desmond Last

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