What is the best way to celebrate your birthday?

My answer to What is the best way to celebrate your birthday?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Give me a one-way Plane ticket to the worst refugee camp in the World. Where I would be happy as I would be with people who want to improve their lives. I would happily be involved doing something I want to do – improve people’s lives.

But here in ‘Bend over Britain’ the ‘Land of the walking dead’ I have spent nearly four years writing to Government, Opposition, Church Groups. Human Rights Groups, T.V, and newsprint with new ideas for a better World. Ideas which they do not have.

I have never even received an acknowledgment. Oh apart from David Cameron who sent the Police round. Apparently 14 emails with new ideas and events that have happened to me are apparently a sign that I am a threat to his safety! Note: I sent 14 because he never replied to any of them.

So if anybody out there wants to make their country into the Number One Economy in the World with housing and sanitation for everybody, no unemployment, a hospital bed when it is needed, Climate Change neutral, no crime and no drugs, and no U.K or Australians please contact me.

What is the best way to celebrate your birthday?

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