How do UK police compare to US police?

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My answer to How do UK police compare to US police?

Answer by Desmond Last:

There is very little comparison. The U.S Police do not get a knighthood for not doing their job correctly. In the U.K all those in senior Public Office are can be rewarded with a knighthood for toeing the Establishment line. That way the Establishment remains the ‘ruling elite’ and the class status quo is maintained.

The Police in the U.S serve the people not the Establishment. I have had experience of both the U.S and the U.K Police. The U.S Police are not defensive and antagonistic as the U.K Police are.

The U.S Police look like representatives of Law and Order. The U.K Police look like council workers – untidy with badly designed and poorly fitting uniforms.

The U.K Police will not let you state your point of view – they have become almost military in their interaction with the people. They are rude and abusive. There is little in the way of standards of behaviour.

I used to work with the U.K as a Department of Transport Vehicle Examiner 25 years ago. The Police then had my respect. Now I see them as a group to be avoided and not to interact with. I have no faith in their ability to prevent or stop crime.

The U.K Chief Constables are more interested in their Public Image than good Policing and have no absolutely no idea of how to deal with radical Islam.

They are completely unable to understand the mindset of a suicide bomber. Their incompetence is such that it will lead to the loss of civilian lives in suicide bombings. I include the head of Counter-Terrorism in the U.K in my criticism.

They have completely ignored my new approach to the radicalism of ISIS and Al Qaeda – even though they have no idea of how to deal with the philosophy and ideology of the two groups.

The sight of 600 fully armed London Police waiting to kill terrorists is almost laughable such is its costly and ineffective approach.

Give me the U.S Police any-day. They do not have the top-heavy command system of the U.K Police.

They are polite and very aware of their civic duty.

How do UK police compare to US police?

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