Given the chance, would anyone actually chose to live in the US over the UK?

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My answer to Given the chance, would anyone actually chose to live in the US over the UK?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I would. In fact if somebody wants to send me and my mum a plane ticket then its ‘Bye Bye U.K’ for me and mum.

The people that I met in the U.S, the four times I have been there, actually spoke to me. They engaged me in conversation. Not only that but they all wanted without exception to improve their lives.

The people of the U.S that I met had dynamic views on Politics and were prepared to listen to new ideas. In the U.K I have to use s sledgehammer to get anybody to listen to my new ideas and then to a media that I am invisible to.

Not one member of the U.K Government or Opposition incl the Scottish National Party, will even send me an acknowledgement when I send them my new ideas – new ideas they do not have.

In America they are proud of their country. Democratic or Republican it does not matter. They are able to speak of their achievements with a flag they are proud to display. Whereas in the U.K it is almost illegal to be proud of the Union Jack.

The American Poeple want a world that is united in Peace and they are prepared to sacrifice their lives for that cause. They may at times be mislead by the vested interests of their Government but they genuinely want the whole to world to be as one and equal.

Here in the U.K our Governments makes big speeches about democracy and do little else.

Boris Johnson has made the U.K a disgusting joke by seeking war crimes against ISIS whilst the U.K sends missiles to kill civilians in Yemen. I cannot imagine Boris Jonson being made Secretary of State in the U.S.

It is our soldiers who stand and die for democracy in the U.K. Our soldiers have been dragged through the courts post Iraq and Sgt Andrew Blackman was jailed for 12 years for killing a Afghanistan whose group had just dismembered his comrades. What other country would jail a man for something we all might have done?

In the U.S the Chiefs of Staff would have resigned. What did ours do? Nothing.

Can you imagine the House of Lords existing in the U.S.? Their civil rights movement and democracy make our un-elected House of Lords a laughing stock. It is the second largest body of representatives in the World – second only to the Chinese National Congress.

Yes give me the U.S any-day – it was they who stood up to China and imposed tariffs of over 500 per cent on cheap Chinese steel. What did the U.K do – ‘Bend over Britain’ waited for the E.U to impose a 75 per cent tariff.

So if anybody in the U.S wants somebody with new ideas and a new Economic system that will make them the ‘ Number One Economy in the World’ and one that does not allow homelessness or unemployment at the individual level, then send me a ticket. Because in the U.K with a media incl the BBC who will not report me I might as well be invisible.

Given the chance, would anyone actually chose to live in the US over the UK?

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