Should Scotland declare independence?

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My answer to Should Scotland declare independence?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Scotland may be able to declare Independence but can Scotland afford it? Sturgeon might not want to be part of the U.K but she is living in a false reality if she believes a 9 per cent of GDP deficit can be absorbed by the revenues of an independent Scotland.

Scottish deficit grows to nearly £15bn as oil revenues collapse

Oil prices are not going to rise enought to pay for the new enlarged civil service Scotland will need as well as diplomatic representation around the World.

The U.K trades within its boundaries and that too will be affected as Scotland will have to impose import duties to raise revenue.

Scotland needs the U.K as the U.K needs Scotland. It would be far better for Sturgeon to involve herself with the U.K economy rather than sit in isolation in Scotland. Her new trade ambassadors will be paid for the U.K but once Scotland leaves then they will have to be paid for by a Scotland with a bleak economic future.

Sturgeon is without doubt a ‘switched on’ Politician.

But even Sturgeon seems to have missed the obvious.

Sturgeon would be better leading my proposal to go back to the E.U negotiating table for all of the U.K . Cameron only made a half-hearted attempt at E.U reform.

Sturgeon has the intellect to be part of a U.K team which should be seeking the reform that Brexit asked for. Davis and Fox pale by comparison to Sturgeon’s commit to her people and her ability to debate.

Why Sturgeon has ‘missed the boat’ by not taking the lead in the debate on E.U reform and instead going off on a tangent with Scottish Independence can only be because she is blinded by her own ideology.

Should Scotland declare independence?

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