If you could change one thing in Facebook what’s going to be?

My answer to If you could change one thing in Facebook what's going to be?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Facebook is without doubt a leader in the technology of internet social communication. But it has failed to take moral leadership outside of that required by law. Internet abuse and stalking is an increasing manifestation of the growing use of the Internet – it extrapolates misery and promotes crime.

There are some very nasty people who will go to any lengths to entrap young children and woman. There are also those who ‘group stalk’ and make some very disgusting comments.

In our ‘public domains’ we do not walk around with masks on or are clothed in anonymity. I believe that the Internet should be the same.

I would like Facebook to take the lead and introduce Positive Identification. This would also benefit Facebook as more people would use it. Many do not as they do not want to be trolled or insulted.

Parents would welcome the move as would many young women. We should not wait for Governments to take the moral lead – Aleppo and Yemen are examples of how ineffective our Governments have become when it come to morality.

Facebook is a great communicator it should also be a moral barometer.

If you could change one thing in Facebook what's going to be?

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