Why any country isn’t trying to help people in Aleppo even if everday people are being bombed mercilessly?

My answer to Why any country isn't trying to help people in Aleppo even if everday people are being bombed merciles…

Answer by Desmond Last:

They are so up to their necks in their involvement in the mass murder of 300,000 plus Syrian civilians that they have no idea of how to cover it all up. They all believe that if they ignore it that somehow it will all go away or somebody else will fix it.

Each country involved have used the Syrian conflict for its own purposes with no thought or concern for the destruction, pain and misery their interventionist politics have caused. Hillary Clinton said in one of her emails the U.S was helping the rebels to help Israel against Iran.

The U.K, Russia, China, France and the U.S.A are by law required to work together to bring an end to the conflict. They do not because we let them get away with it.

Never before have the plight of the Innocent been so publicly ignored by Governments either too weak or too busy perusing theri own interests.

The Rebels and the Syrian Army have used the civilian population as blackmail in order to gain support from other countries.

If I had my way I would arrest Putin and Obama for it is they who have let their own egos and interests further inflame and prolong the conflict.

If I were a Prime Minister I would take in a armed convoy take out all the civilians. Let the Syrian Amy and Rebels fight till there is nothing left to fight for or with- which is what we should have down a long time ago.

If Putin and Obama had not armed and cashed up the conflict it would have been over a long time ago.

That is why the conflict continues because Obama and Putin are the ones who are showing by example how little they care for the lives of children. As we have no World Leaders with the courage to stand up to them they all follow suit.

Note: Both Obama and Putin met with the Pope – for his blessing – then they carried on letting children be killed.

Why any country isn't trying to help people in Aleppo even if everday people are being bombed mercilessly?

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