Where would you hide 1 kg of diamonds?

My answer to Where would you hide 1 kg of diamonds?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I would hide them under a charter that has not been used since it was signed in 1948. There is absolutely no way the I kg of Diamonds would be found as this charter has not been disturbed since it was locked away in Government vaults all those years ago.

It is the International Convention of Human Rights – Putin and Obama both have their signed versions. They obviously never open them for if they did they would read that even in war it is illegal to kill the children of Aleppo in Syria.

As they appear to have no intention of ever observing the laws that are contained in the Charter than the Ikg of diamonds would be safe for ever.

We could also hide them under Theresa May and Boris Johnson's ‘s copy as they are still supplying missiles to Saudi Arabia to kill children in Yemen.

If we commit murder we go to Jail but Governments would appear to be above the law.

Yes the diamonds are safe under any Government copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Where would you hide 1 kg of diamonds?

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