How do “Leave” voters feel about the Brexit result?

My answer to How do “Leave” voters feel about the Brexit result?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The real Brexit has not been addressed by any of the Political Parties in the U.K and certainly not by the U.K media. Theresa May and the ‘Hard Brexiters’ have completely missed why it is that so many people voted to leave the E.U.

The people had no choice in a referendum which for the first time gave them the responsibility of deciding how their lives should be governed. Successive U.K Governments and Political Parties have used the E.U as a support rather than a partner. The people of the U.K have been excluded from participating in a progressive European democracy by an out of date democratic system and an Establishment media who never reported the E.U.

The dissatisfaction displayed by the Brexit vote was as much about the U.K democracy as it was about the E.U.

When was the last time a U.K MEP ever bothered to consult their constituents? When was the last E.U Parliament pre-Brexit ever reported in the U.K media or shown on the BBC? When did the House of Lords ever consult the people let alone ask for reform?

The people of the U.K (not the Public) are now being led to the economic waste-bin by a Conservative Party who are out of touch and who have no idea of how to develop an outdated and irrelevant U.K economic system. Hammond might as well be likened to a living dinosaur so out of touch is he with the reality of modern economics.

Theresa May, Fox and Johnson keep talking up trade agreements when many countries are considering moving away from them. What benefit will the U.K get with a trade deal with China and India? More dumping of the economies of scale that they will benefit from but nothing for the U.K.

The Northern Powerhouse and the Midlands Engine are just money-making exercises and spin. The U.K manufacturing is only 20 per cent of its GDP.

The U.K needs the E.U. The E.U does not need the U.K. Yes Mercedes and BMW may need our demand but for how much longer and at what price? Once a USA E.U deal is done then it may be cheaper to increase prices for the U.K then to up production for lower margins.

How long before the U.K goes the way of Australia where no cars are built?

The E.U is only going to get stronger and increase its own domestic demand as will those countries it trades with. How important will the U.K be in 20 years time to Europe?

May would appear to have no idea of the Golden opportunity she has thrown away.

We are still not in Article 50. We still have a unique opportunity to forge a new Europe – a reformed E.U. But no. Instead we will be cast to one side as not only will we lose our place in the world but also in military strategic influence. NATO is a dinosaur. Overweight and a constant reminder to Russia of an era gone by. There will never be a united world Peace whislt Russia has NATO missiles on its border.

Russia must come in form the cold. But the U.K has been so focused on a military alliance with NATO it has ignored the Europeans who want an eventual economic alliance with Russia.

America has used the U.K to support the argument against a European Army and we fell for it. The ‘special relationship’ only ever works in favor of America – see Blair and Iraq.

My advice to the people of the U.K is to demand that the U.K Goverement go back to the European negotiating table.

Cameroin gave up and May is too blinkered.

The people of the U.K are not called Boris Johnson or Liam Fox.

They are called democracy and that is what Brexit was. How else could they say that they wanted control of their border – which Hungary and Austria want and took as did France. Cameron would not listen – nor did May.

Junkers and Schultz et al are not the people of Europe. If we and others want to reform Europe then it is not up to them to stop a reform process from taking place.

What right has Theresa May to make the decision without a full debate? We voted our dissatisfaction with the E.U the only way we could.

Most in the U.K would agree that a reformed E.U that had a system of movement that took into account security and econmic sustainable as well as optimum population density would get their consent. Reform must include our own House Of Lords and the way in which the European Parliament affects our own.

What May has missed it that we have never tried to reform the E.U. You cannot call Cameron’s trip at Mach plus One speed round Europe a reform attempt. He was so sure he would win Brexit he never really negotiated. That is what we now need a reform agenda. There are many in Europe who will partner us. We are still in the E.U and we are a paying member. Now is the time to negotiate a new E.U. Once we have triggered Article 50 it is all over.

Thar is what Brexit has always meant to me – a new union . A new European Union. One in which we all participate. The process would not be easy and it would cause tears and anger I am sure. But surely it is a better than watching the U.K become the economic equivalent of a third world country.

How do “Leave” voters feel about the Brexit result?

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 15~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer for the NSW Government at Liverpool Hospital Sydney. I also act as an Engineering Consultant to EarthCruiser Australia.

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