How shrewd is Theresa May politically?

My answer to How shrewd is Theresa May politically?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Would you go on 2 weeks holiday as soon as you were made CEO of a company in danger of losing its best customers?

Would you go to the G20 which is watched by economists and bankers from all over the world totally unprepared?

So unprepared that the Japanese Government made a speech offering to pay for U.K based Japanese car manufactures to move to Europe?

Would you make Boris Johnson who has no experience of National Government Foreign Secretary? Boris Johnson is the ex London Mayor who has allowed £40 million to be spent on the Garden Bridge and not a girder has been laid yet.

Would you let Boris Johnson make a fool of himself by meeting with the Russians who are bombing children in Aleppo?

The meeting was about ISIS being made war criminals whilst the U.K supplies missiles to kill children in Yemen.

Theresa May spent 6 years in the Home Office trying to find lost asylum seekers and illegal immigrants – she was not a ‘Gold Star’ Home Office Minister. Being available for the job of P.M does not necessarily mean you will make a good Prime Minster.

Why would you go off on a tangent about Grammar schools when the priority is Brexit? Particularly when you have no mandate for it.

Brexit does not mean destroy the Economy of the U.K. It means listen to the people and consider the possibility of EU reform with the power of the peoples decsison as a negotiating tool.

May is not shrewd. May is opportunistic, very badly advised and will not listen – just as Cameron did not listen.

There is nothing wrong with ambition but you have to recognize your own limitations and May has not done that. May needs good balanced advice and she is not shrewd enough to realise that.

The people of the U.K want a sustainable population policy and control over our constitutional sovereignty – what it does not need is an Economic wilderness.

How shrewd is Theresa May politically?

Author: Desmond Last

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