How does one start a Food cart business in Sydney?

My answer to How does one start a Food cart business in Sydney?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I was the General Manager for Matilda’s 40 Food trucks in Sydney.

Before you can operate you will need a licensed commercial kitchen or access to one. You can buy all your food in but you will have to store it before loading the truck or cart – the storage will need to be on commercial licensed premises.

It is normal procedure for the premises to be inspected by the local Council Department of Health every 12 months.

You cannot run a food cart from a private home without council consent – which you are unlikely to get.

You will also need Public Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurances – this will apply to you as the owner operation and if you employee people.

Your vehicle will need to be on commercial registration with fully comprehensive insurance.

In some suburbs you may need to have a commercial operation licences from the local council.

If you intend to service building sites you will need to have attended a safety course.

Should you decide to operate a stationary operation you will have to get council permission which is very hard to get.

Your vehicle food area will need to meet the same requirements as any commercial food operation.

The food and drinks will have to kept at the correct operating temperatures at all times.

LPG equipment will have to tested and a compliance certificate provided.

You will then have to plan and canvas a run.

You will need permission to enter commercial premises and in some cases may have to attend a site induction course.

Sydney is not all that glitters is gold. It is a very competitive market and the heat means you must have refrigeration and ice to keep all the food and drinks at the right temperature.

If you intend to run a call to call operation then make particular attention to traffic flows in the morning segment of the run.

Most businesses close from the 3rd week in December to the last week of January so your cash flow will have to take this into account.

Do not expect the competition to lay down and die they will not let you take their market without a fight.

As for the hot dog question the answer is the same.

How does one start a Food cart business in Sydney?

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