If a person had 60 seconds to speak to the entire world, what should he or she say?

My answer to If a person had 60 seconds to speak to the entire world, what should he or she say?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I would say this.

What right have we to watch defenseless children whose own innocence has so many times been our sole pleasure to scream and die in the bloody barbaric Hell called Aleppo.

Are we not so entrusted by the spirit of mankind and the soul of humanity to advance our moral souls by ensuring we end by whatever means possible the Hell they endure?

How can we wake proud?

Each of us has the possibility of the advancement of the legacy left by so many who before us who have died in the sacrifice of their own lives.

A legacy to protect those who are unable to defend themselves.

Why do we each year in memorial remembrance stand proud to salute those who fought so that the human condition would be one of pride and not shame.

Where is the tradition and honor that each year we all so proudly remember?

What have we become that we allow a baby to be crushed beneath the rubble of the City of Aleppo we have all deserted, and so too Yemen?

Do we not as fellow human beings have a duty to ensure that children are not used in the war mongering of our World Leaders?

What right have our Governments to wage war with the bodies of dead children as their war booty?

When did our Governments gain consent to destroy lives as if their value is of nothing?

Who has given them the permission to transgress all laws both National and International?

Where are the Human Rights that so many have fought an died for?

Our Government must face the courts for what they have allowed and been part of.

After all their condemnation of the cruelty of ISIS and Al Qaeda, it is not they whose planes bomb the children of Aleppo.

Finally I ask this. Would God bomb Aleppo?

If a person had 60 seconds to speak to the entire world, what should he or she say?

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