Is the US bombing in Aleppo?

My answer to Is the US bombing in Aleppo?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Everybody that should not be would appear to be bombing in Aleppo.

The Russians, the Syrians, the Western Coalition backed rebels and also those backed by Turkey et al.

Who Is Fighting Whom in Syria

By International Law they should be united as one to bring an end to the conflict.

Each is using Syria for their own vested self-interests.

The most illegal two countries in this conflcit are Russia and America.

Both are members of the United Nations Security Council. Both have poured arms and money into the conflict. They have prolonged it and inflamed it.

If the rebels and the Syrian Army did not have the arms and money supplied by the West and Russia they could not fight and the conflict would end.

If I was a lawyer I would seek International Arrest Warrants for Putin and Obama.

It is they who have allowed this conflict to continue.

Is the US bombing in Aleppo?

Author: Desmond Last

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