How do I act like a civilized person?

My answer to How do I act like a civilized person?

Answer by Desmond Last:

By not becoming a President or Prime Minister or a United Nations delegate. Because once you do then you let children live in fear and die in pain.

You could of course ensure you are not the Syrian delegate to the U.N because that is an absolute guarantee you will be a civilized person.

Right now in courts around the world citizens are being tried for murder.

That is part of the process known as civilization.

But in the world of Presidents, Prime Minsters and Senior Military Commanders that civilized behavior has now become the barbaric killing of children – just like the Nazis in World War Two who also killed children.

So as long as we remain the people who care and do all we can to stop the killing of children in Aleppo we can consider ourselves to be civilized people.

To ensure the children of the World remain civilized we must ask them not to follow the examples of those who so easily could stop the carnage in Syria and other conflicts around the World.

How do I act like a civilized person?

Author: Desmond Last

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