To what extent should developing countries hold Olympic games?

My answer to To what extent should developing countries hold Olympic games?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The Olympics should go to the poorest country in the World. We the people of the World should help pay for it. The revenue should be used to fund viable new Economic projects in their country.

When the projects have become project plus a percentage should be put to the Olympic Games of whichever country is next to receive the Games.

The Budget Management should be on the hands of the people and Government with external auditors from other countries.

The project should be live on the Internet and the accounting system also displayed in real time format. No actual funds should be transferred to the Goveremtn of the host country. All costs will be paid by the auditors.

The Facilities must be adequate not splendid. There should be a cap on the budget of the opening ceremony. The OOC should be reformed to take this into account.

Retired athletes should take a more prominent role in the OOC. There should also be a National Cap on the Sports budgets of competing countries Teams.

The Para Olympics should take place at the same time as the Olympics and the event extended to accommodate this.

The current system is corrupt and the cost is not justifiable. There too many taking huge management fees out of the Olympics that are on the verge of being criminal.

To what extent should developing countries hold Olympic games?

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