Will I get an Australian Citizenship?

My answer to Will I get an Australian Citizenship?

Answer by Desmond Last:

This is my Citizenship Certificate. After I emigrated with the Skills Shortage System I had to work for 2 years as a Permanent Resident to get my Citizenship.

You cannot get Citizenship unless you have been a Permanent Resident for 2 years.

Normally to apply for emigration you must return to own country and apply from there.

Companies can sponsor you provided they have a special need for your expertise and it is not able to be carried out by an Australian. You will also have to pass a Citizenship Test.

Applying for citizenship

Acceptance is not automatic. I still had to attend an Interview at the Australian Embassy in London. As well as my technical qualifications I had to take a trade test at the Embassy and prove my health with a Medical Certificate and X-rays. They will also carry out a criminal records check.

Australian citizenship | australia.gov.au

Will I get an Australian Citizenship?

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