What is Quora’s policy on humorous answers/reviews?

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My answer to What is Quora's policy on humorous answers/reviews?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I have just has an answer which is intended to raise awareness about Third World corruption collapsed. The answer was styled to increase readability. Quora would rather I put the same boring facts and figures into a robot style answer than make the subject more understandable by less stringent style of writing.

I have appealed on the basis that I everything I have said is what actually happens. It is up to Quora to decide what is more important. Their imposed and conservative editing or my ability to use style writing to make a point that can help people.

This is the answer to the Question How Can I make a Billion Dollars. Quora collapsed it as they say it is a Joke answer. Ignoring the point that the Question itself is meaningless. The answer had 7 upvotes and no negative comments.

This is Quora’s Policy on Joke Answer. Read my answer and you will know what is that defines a ‘joke’ answer.

The Answer that according to Quora is a Joke answer…………………………………

By becoming an elected member of a Government for which countries around the world will give you money for ensuring your people live in poverty and squalor.

Not only will you be given the one billion dollars but nobody will ensure that every single cent you have been given has been spent on the people. The people are arrested and tortured if they protest about your 2 Palaces and villa in Spain. You fly to Spain in your personal executive jet with gold plated bathroom taps.

Even better, companies will sell you an executive jet at a discounted price so you can fly to the United Kingdom and shake hands with the Queen.

When you have finished shopping at Harrods and ordering more military equipment so you can shoot any protesters in your country you can then fly to Washington.

The company who manufactures the Jet were introduced to you by the kind staff at the Whitehouse when you met John Kerry. Kerry did you a 2 for one deal on the water cannon which was so handy during the last riot.

You will meet Obama who will put out the red carpet for you and make his jokes which we are all meant to laugh at whilst he sends another nuclear-armed B2 bomber to South Korea.

Obama will then lecture Kim Jong Un about nuclear irresponsibility whilst showing you the stockpile of 4500 nuclear warheads and his Nobel Peace Prize which does not include Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Gaza, Syria, Aleppo and numerous African states.

Whilst you are in the U.S you can go to the United Nations in New York and meet the Human Rights Commissioner for lunch and talk about how you are improving human rights and he too will give you money. Oh and you get to make a big speech and everybody gives you a standing ovation. That is before you go to the Casino.

Then you will fly back to your country after having deposited another billion dollars in your Private U.K HSBC account for the oil rights you sold to B.P.

That is how you can become a billionaire.

What is Quora's policy on humorous answers/reviews?

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