How did you lose your wealth?

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My answer to How did you lose your wealth?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I woke up one morning. My life suddenly turned on its head. I was the owner of Sydney Boat Sales on Sydney Harbour. A business I had worked very hard with for 12 years. I was good. Very Good.

Sydney Boats

I sold Yachts and Powerboats new and used. I had two homes. I had $300,000 in the bank. I decided to sell my business Sydney Boat Sales and begin a new Enterprise which would assist communities to self-sustain – I could write new ideas and sing. My one-man show would use my poetry, singing and visual technology to highlight and help communities.

I never started my new business. For no apparent reason the phone at Sydney Boat Sales suddenly stopped ringing. Completely. I went to work everyday but it did not ring.

I had one of the best websites in the business. We sold boats overseas. I made videos of all my boats for sale with commentary as we tested them. We were cutting edge.

My marina at Balmain suddenly emptied of all its boats. The owners all gave various reasons why they were removing their boats. The marina was in sight of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I used to have a waiting list.

The phone at Sydney Boat Sales never rang again. I had a 3×3 lease on a Brokerage which was the best in Sydney. Nobody wanted to buy it. I was only asking the same amount I had paid for it 12 years earlier. Nobody serious even enquired. Somebody obviously wanted me to give my business away.

I stayed at home and wrote. I wrote new systems to improve the world and Poetry to inspire. I went to the States 4 x. I rode my Harley from Los Angeles to New York, Canada and down to Denver.

I wrote and gave a poem for 911 to the New York Fireman.

I have written a new Economic System. A Reform of the United Nations. A new Philosophy to combat terrorism. I have developed a new system for International Disaster response and Climate Change,

Not one member of Government or media has ever responded to my emails concerning my work.

I was told that a criminal group broke broke into my home and copied all my work.

I have had to endure so much more, which will one day be used in the courts when those who participated in the criminal events I have had to endure are arrested.

It got worse. I was at home when the ANZ evicted me. I was evicted for a default of only £3500!!!! I still have one home which the NSW Government took into Guardianship because they said they could not find me. I was in Australia and easy to find.

Nobody had told me I was going to be evicted. I was never issued any legal notices. I wrote to the Australian Financial Services Ombudsman – they said there was nothing they could do! I wrote to all the Australian Government's Regulatory Authorities. I can prove without doubt I was evicted by the ANZ without any legal notice – they all said there is nothing they could do.

It is unbelievable that the ANZ, a major Australian Bank, is able to carry out a criminal act and get away with it. Not one Australian Journalist has ever replied to my emails.

I wrote to Malcolm Turnbull the Australian Prime Minister. He replied ‘There is nothing I can do.”

Now I am in the U.K. looking after my 87 year old Mum. I live on Carers allowance of £107 a week. I am going back to Australia to take on the ANZ, the NSW Government and the Federal Government in both criminal and civil court.

Twice in the U.K in the past 3 years the U.K Government have tried to say I have a mental health problem. Each time I am assessed I am told I am fine. I now have a letter stating my mental health is ok. Each time it was my writing that was questioned The same writing of mine that is on Quora.

In the 8 years of all this happening to me not one Journalist has reported me. They do not even acknowledge my emails to them.

Why did it happen? I do not know. I am still looking for the Criminals who have done this to me. I may have had my life destroyed but they will never destroy my spirit.

Desmond Last

How did you lose your wealth?

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