Could a normal, everyday person become a successful superhero/vigilante?

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My answer to Could a normal, everyday person become a successful superhero/vigilante?

Answer by Desmond Last:

It is not as easy to be a Superhero as it once was. Today’s Superhero has to battle against the State or what has become the Super-elite as well as fight the villains.

What was once the upholder of law and order and the Trojan Advancer of People’s democracy the ‘Representative of the People’, has now become the captive of Powerful Self-vested interest and Economic Power. An example has occurred recently in the U.K.

An extreme right-wing Political Organisation called ‘Britain First’ has found itself overburdened by the Police State and the Crown Prosecution Service.

‘Britain First’ is extreme is in its views of Islam which border on the ‘impossible’ to justify or impose. But at its heart is a genuine desire to do well for the English community in a country which has in some areas have lost their own identity.

For some Britain First is a kind of Vigilante Superhero. They are committed are not afraid to stand up to a ‘Politically Correct Nanny State’. They are correct to question the how the future of the U.K is to be determined. They have a right to their opinion and should be allowed to voice it.

The Police have pursued them with a vigor out of proportion to their so-called crime.

Britain First

Golding and Fransen led a small contingent of activists through Luton handing out newspapers and confronting local Muslims in what anti-extremist charity Tell Mama said was aimed at “inflaming” tensions.

The ‘Britain First’ logic when it comes to Islam is not correct. There are rapes, sexual assaults etc committed by Christians everyday. In focusing on Islam as a faith they not allowing people their freedom of chocie.

But Britain First have no means of using the Political System to voice their beliefs.

In the U.K the Government and the Political System no longer represent the people. They represent themselves and the Power Elite. The evidence for that is ‘Brexit.

The U.K do not have national debates. The U.K is not a democracy. The House of Lords which is meant to be the check and balance for the People – is not elected and does not consult the people.

Democracy in the U.K is a sham. Which is why to some ‘Britain First’ are vigilante Superheros because they stand up to Goverment, Police and an Immigration Policy it has become almost illegal to question.

Could a normal, everyday person become a successful superhero/vigilante?

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