What roles can social media play to combat terrorism and extremism?

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My answer to What roles can social media play to combat terrorism and extremism?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Terrorism and extremism exist as a reaction not as an evolution. The Global State needs to ensure that terrorism does not become the evolvement of a Permanent system of World Order. That is the point we are at now.

Social media has an important role to play in ensuring this. But not by the efforts of the State to control and censor social media (which they try to do), but by the People to highlight injustice and removal of human rights.

Aleppo in Syria is a damning indictment of our Governments inability to work together to bring Peace. It has been Social media that has continually highlighted the terrible plight of the children in Aleppo not the BBC or CNN. Mainstream media have used the scenes from Social Media not those from camera crews in Aleppo.

Obama and Putin at whose feet must lay the blame for every single child that has died in Aleppo would rather the media did not report what was happening there.

The more we use Social Media to obtain the truth about what is really happening in our World the more able we are to protest and use all legal means to get our Governments to stop the insanity of Syria and other conflicts.

The only way to counter terrorism is to remove its reasons for existence. To do that we must act on what we see via Social Media. If not then ISIS and Al Qaeda will.

We must also counter their Ideology of the Word of God and provide a Unified legal Military response.

There are two courts waiting for Putin and Obama. The International Court of Justice and God’s. Both will bring in verdicts of Guilty of allowing children to die – in pain.

Provided our Governments take notice of the truth that Social Media is able to display, and act on our demands for an end to the war in Syria, then terrorism will not make capital out of the insanity.

It is not Al Qaeda’s or ISIS’s fighter jets and bombers that are killing the children in Aleppo they are Putin's and Obama’s.

But it will be a suicide bomber from ISIS or Al Qaeda that will want his or her revenge.

The Western Governments and Russia must ensure Social Media is a catalyst for Peace not a tool for destruction to be used by ISIS to radicalize. To do this the West and Russia must act on the horrors that we all watch.

There is nothing to stop a Russian and American combined military force from going into Aleppo and removing the civilians to a place of safety.

In fact it is the legal obligation of Putin and Obama to do so.

bombings in aleppo – Bing video

What roles can social media play to combat terrorism and extremism?

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