What are seaworthy sailing boats?

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Answer by Desmond Last:

Do not assume anything at sea. There is no handbrake you can pull on and call a tow truck. As the Skipper you are legally liable for safety of crew and passengers. If you are not sure do not leave enclosed waters.

Safety:You must have a life jacket for every person the Yacht is designed to carry.

What is seaworthy?

I. Is the Yacht designed to go to sea?

2. Is the Yacht in a condition to go to sea?

To be seaworthy a boat must be just that. It must be capable of being able to without notice be able to be operated in the seas it is designed to withstand.

Example. A small yacht may not be designed to be used in 25 knot winds out at sea with a swell of 10′. It may be swamped and sink. The manufacture will provide the operating specifications in the manual.

The Design parameters are set by Wind Force and Wave Height. This will give you your seaworthiness rating.

There are 4 categories from 4 knot to 40 knots of wind and from .5 foot to over 13 feet of wave height. They are all provided by the CE rating.

In Europe and in countries which will accept the EU Directive in lieu of national regulations the EEC Directive explains the compliance requirements for new vessels.


Recreational craft manufacturers: responsibilities and penalties

For older vessels ask a Marine Professional. Unless you are an experienced sailor you will not have sufficient knowledge to make that decision for yourself.

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Used Yachts do not have any minimum standard of testing. The Product Liability of the Boat or component manufacture will only apply should a Yacht or component fail within its design specification from a design or manufacturing fault.

Product Liability Directive 1985

If you want to know how seaworthy the design of a modern Yacht is then check the CE Marine Rating.

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If you want to know if its condition is seaworthy then get an out of water survey carried out by a marine professional.

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What are seaworthy sailing boats?

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