Does Brexit affirm that there are a lot of racists in Britain?

My answer to Does Brexit affirm that there are a lot of racists in Britain?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Not at all. The U.K’s urbanized areas can only cope with x amount of people per sq km. There is also a sense of ‘lost identity’ but that comes from the Political System rather than the multitude of cultures.

The people of the U.K are being punished. Successive Governments have let immigration continue unchecked. Now the people of the U.K have to suffer the consequence of using their voice as a vote.

The Goverment would not listen to concerns about immigration so hence Brexit.

Cameron was not able to negotiate E.U reform and little wonder he was lost in the E.U. He did too little to late.

But now they have to suffer the consequences of a Government who will enforce Brexit as if it the Holy Grail and do very little about immigration. If May wants the Trade they will want free movement.

As I have said before we cannot do this on our own. We need an ex-E.U alliance.

This will be lose lose for the people of the U.K.

Theresa May has the blinkers on and her obedient followers will stumble along behind her.

There is no National Debate and May will not listen to any new ideas outside of her inner circle.

Labour has no Plan A and as usual can only snipe its discontent.

Its sunset for the U.K economy and the U.k people will as usual accept whatever whitewash is thrown their way.

Does Brexit affirm that there are a lot of racists in Britain?

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