What do you think about the Japanese Brexit warning letter?

My answer to What do you think about the Japanese Brexit warning letter?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The letter shows how well Japanese CEO’s know their jobs and the partnership that exists between the Japanese Government and Business.

The lack of preparation for the G20 by the U.K Government illustrated that they do not know what they are doing. It was a total embarrassment center stage to the World.

The letter was exact. Certification, Type Approval, markings, Employee transfers, and ease of business are all subjects that should already been addressed in scope by the U.K Government.

The letter also referenced VAT exemption and the Japanese EU trade agreement.

None of these matters have a discussion paper on the table for Industry to examine.

What do the senior members of the Civil Service do? It obviously does not include preparing a Prime Minister for the announcement from the Japanese Government that they will support any Japanese company who want to leave the U.K.

Theresa May nor any of her Cabinet have the experience to deal with this on their own. I would suggest Theresa May form an experienced ‘Business Group’ to monitor what it is the Civil Service and their highly paid advisers are actually doing.

In my opinion the Head if the Civil Service should be sacked for incompetence. This is no time for ‘Yes Minister’. The midnight oil must be burned to ensure the disrespect displayed to the Japanese is dealt with by specific one on one answers.

If the U.K Government and the 440,000 people employed in the U.K car industry think that right now the car manufacturers are not examining all their options then think again. The E.U will compete against the U.K for trade and that includes manufacturing locations.

The U.K needs all the friend's can get. It will not get maintain their business loyalty with complacency.

The U.K Goverment needs to be very focused until overseas investors are satisfied that they will not incur additional costs because of Brexit.

What do you think about the Japanese Brexit warning letter?

Author: Desmond Last

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