Do the British have freedom of speech?

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My answer to Do the British have freedom of speech?

Answer by Desmond Last:

In theory and in law we do. But in practice the U.K Establishment works very hard at ensuring that we do not.

Example. At the G20 summit in China the U.K media did not show a senior Representative of the Japanese Government stating they would support Japanese companies who wanted to leave the U.K because of Brexit.

Nor did the T.V media or any of the mainstream newspapers show the very valid points that have been made by the Japanese businesses in the U.K re Brexit.

Yet they were shown on both German and French T.V.

You should read Japan's Brexit note to Britain — it's brutal

The article includes a link to the letter which is addressed to the people of the U.K. from the Goverement of Japan.

In other countries including the U.S.A. the debate is on-going, lead by the media. Here in the U.K the media are lead by the collar to whoever wants to muzzle them.

The U.K Government does not listen. There is no National Debate. The ownership of the U.K National agenda is in the hands of the U.K Power Elite.

It is the exclusion of matters which should be open to debate by the people of the U.K which is so destructive to Freedom of Speech and to the Economic future of the U.K.

In my opinion there is no ‘New Thinking’ in the U.K Government and in the senior levels of the Civil Service.

Unless the U.K Establishment lets in ‘New Thinking’ the U.K Economy is going to get further and further behind.

The U.K may have the right to ‘Freedom Of Speech’ but in practice there is no speech to make as the Agenda is not made available for their participation.

The House of Lords also limits Freedom of Speech. They never consult with the people and are not elected by the people. Therefore they restrict the route of democracy.

Do the British have freedom of speech?

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