Can 16 inch cargo box be good enough for food truck?

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My answer to Can 16 inch cargo box be good enough for food truck?

Answer by Desmond Last:

At Matilda’s in Sydney we used to fabricate our own bodies. It is easier than taking a cargo box or container and modifying it.

The Food and drink on a food truck has to be kept both hot and cold. This means you have to use insulation.

The best design for a stop go operation will incorporate a cab chassis with a bolt on Food Truck body.

For a stationery operation you can modify an existing van design or put a body on the back of a truck chassis.

When you change cab chassis due to an accident or age you can just unbolt your body and put it on another chassis. With a converted van this is not possible.

On larger vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass of 3.5 tones you will probably need a truck license.

Floor height is a very important consideration. The staff have to be able to talk to and serve the customer.

Also important is the width of the serving hatch. The longer the width the more people you can serve.

A separate body will be made out of a steel or aluminium frame and insulated panels with stainless steel for any food areas. The ovens we used to fabricate ourselves out of stainless steel.

On a fixed or long stay operation the bigger the truck the more food you can serve.

Very useful Tip: Ensure you rust proof the frame. Food truck bodies have a hard life and the constant change in load points puts a lot of stress on frame members. The body is where your money is. You want it to last.

Another tip: Make sure the body has rain drain channels to keep customers dry when they are being served.

Safety Tip: LPG must be certificated every 12 months. Make sure the fumes are directed away from staff and customers.

Regulations: Make sure you get a copy of local and national regulations for food trucks.

Before you decide on what design you want find out where and who your market is.

Can 16 inch cargo box be good enough for food truck?

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